Here’s a step-by-step procedure on how to grow Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds:

1. Take a seed from the mother woodrose plant and make a small nick (using a hacksaw) in the seedcoat, away from the germ eye. Another option is to cut off a small end of the seed.

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2. Soak the seed in water for approximately 24 hours or until it swells. If it doesn’t swell, it must mean that the seed was not cut or nicked properly.

3. Plant the seed in a pot filled with rich loam soil. If you choose this option, the pot you choose should have a good drainage system. It’s important to maintain dampness, not wetness, in the soil, because too much moisture will cause root rot and even mold. Once placed in a pot, make sure that the seed is given as much sunlight as possible. Usually, it takes between 3 to 10 days for the seeds to sprout.

4. When the sprout finally appears, water sparingly. During this stage, make sure that the sprout receives as much sunlight as possible.

5. During its first year the Baby Woodrose plant grows very slowly, until it develops around half a dozen leaves. When it does, growth usually accelerates. The plant will grow very bushy, approximately 1 to 2 feet tall.

6. Soon after, some of the plant’s leaves will fall off and the plant will stem out in vines. Arena EthnobotanicalsVines have been known to reach up to a maximum of 10 meters in length, but they need constant watering, or else the vines will die out before they have achieved their maximum length. Give the vines something to twine around while they’re just starting to grow.

7. In its second year the plant should grow into a very large vine, and should be producing flowers and seeds. Make sure that there is sufficient water ingestion and that the plant has enough room for its roots to grow. Plant it outdoors or transplant it in a tub. If flowers don’t appear soon, don’t be impatient. This is because it  sometimes takes up to 5 years for the first signs of flowering to appear.

8. Soon enough, the flowers will produces seed pods. Once the seeds are completely dried up, they are ready to be harvested. Store in a cool, dry place.

Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds grow best in warm climate (as they originally came from the Indian subcontinent and have been propagated in Africa, the Carribean, and Hawaii). If you plan to grow these seeds in cold or temperate climate, it is best to keep them in a pot or tub indoors during the winter and when the weather is unusually cold. This is because  they are known to be very sensitive to freezing temperatures. But in Southern California, Florida, and other relatively sunny places in temperate parts of the world, they can be grown outdoors.

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