Microdosing Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds/LSA

LSA microdosing guide

Note: We do not promote microdosing or the use of Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, the following article is only to inform and should only be read for research purposes.

Microdosing is an upcoming trend in which users consume a really tiny amount of a psychedelic compound like LSD, Magic mushrooms/psilocybin or LSA wich is found in Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds available here. It is a trend in Silicon Valley and users claim to have many positive effects like feeling more energetic and being more at peace and confident. However there is no scientific evidence to support these claims.

How does microdosing work?

In general you work with a schedule, this means don’t consume a microdose everyday but wait one or two days before microdosing again. This way you won’t have to keep taking a bigger dose for the same experience.

The compound would generally be consumed in the morning with or before breakfast. The amount of the consumed compound should be so small that the hallucinogenic effects of the compound are not experienced. This would be at most 10% of a normal dose depending on tolerance, the substance and person.

Step 1: Prepare the microdose

Crush the Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds, put them in a glass and pour some distilled water in the glas. You can also use regular water but this will degrade the quality a little. Now put the glass in the fridge and leave it there for about a night (12 hours). The next morning filter out the plant material.

Step 2: Find the right dose

Everybody is different and responds differently to microdosing. You want the dose to have an effect on your mood but bodily sensations and hallucinogenic effects should not be experienced. Experiment till you find the right dose.

Step 3: Try to implement changes

Try to implement changes in habits for the good. Microdosing is not just about consuming a compound but about enabling yourself to make positive changes. For example exercise more, meditate and practice self love. 

Step 4: Take a month off

Did you complete a full month of microdosing? It is time to take a break for a month. Reflect on your first cycle of microdosing and keep working on your implemented changes.

Step 5: Plan the next microdosing cycle

If you have completed the month without microdising you can pick it up again. Plan out your cycle and keep making an impact on your daily life. You can continue with these cycles till you feel you don’t need microdosing anymore.

Next chapter

The consequences and long term effects of microdosing are not known, there is a lot of research that needs to be conducted to bring microdosing to it’s next chapter. However the hype around microdosing is big and a lot of people are recommending it. The positive effects people experience could also be due to the placebo effect.  

We hope you learned a lot about microdosing! Remember these substances should be handled with care! For more information on this subject visit the reddit page about LSA.