LSA extraction

LSA extraction 

This article is for educational and research purposes only.

There are two common extractions that are used to extract LSA from Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds or Morning Glory seeds. The cold water extraction and the alcohol extraction. For the alcohol extraction at least 91% isopropyl alcohol is used. Because of that, cold water extraction is more commonly used. 

 LSA extraction with isopropyl alcohol 91%

First of all you need a source which contains LSA such as Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds, you can buy them here. Only use untreated seeds because you don’t want chemicals left in the extract. 

Items needed

  • Hawaiian Baby Woodrose or Morning Glory seeds (untreated)
  • Isopropyl 91% 
  • Water
  • Filter
  • A grinder or mortar
  • Oven dish
  • Electric heater
  • Funnel
  • Trays
  • A steady knife

First wash the seeds and let them dry. Grind them in your grinder or with a pestle and mortar. Grind them till they are a fine powder. When the powder is really fine and they are all ground to dust continue with the next step.

Put the powder in a tray, add 400ml of distilled water and shake it for a few minutes. Pour the mix through a (coffee)filter. Repeat this process three times till you have 1,2 Liters of water contained. The water should now contain the LSA.

Place the LSA containing water in the oven dish and put the electrical heater on it.Make sure the heater is not too warm as this will degrade the LSA. Let the water dry for over the following days, maybe a week. This will result in a black tear like substance.

Scrape the tar from the oven dish with your knife, put it in a tray and add 200ml Isopropyl alcohol. Now shake the tray for a while and put it back in the oven dish. Let the isopropyl evaporate, be careful alcohol is highly flammable. Repeat this process a few times.

You will be left with a yellow substance, you can dissolve this substance preferably in distilled water and put it in the fridge. This is your pure LSA extract.

Cold water extraction 

This process is rather easy and commonly used. The whole extraction process should take about a few hours and after that there will be a drinkable extract made to reduce nausea and side effects.

Items needed

  • Hawaiian Baby Woodrose or Morning Glory seeds (untreated)
  • A grinder or mortar
  • Distilled water or the possibility to distill it yourself
  • A clove of garlic
  • Some fruit juice

Grind up your seeds till they are completely powdered, put the powder in a glass and add some water.

Fold some tinfoil on the glass to protect it from light. Put the glass in the fridge for about 4 to 8 hours. 

Chop up the garlic and mix it with the water, leave it in for at least 30 min. Add some fruit juice to give the extract a better taste. If you want to save it, skip this step. 

Pour the substance to a sieve or filter to get rid of all the plant residue. The fluid that is left is your extract!